Pasture Gallery

  1. Packaged Whole Chicken
    Packaged Whole Chicken
    All birds are processed at a state inspected facility. Whole chicken sells for $3.10 per pound.
  2. Chicken Tractors
    Chicken Tractors
    Our chickens and young turkeys (later moved to a free range system) are raised in chicken tractors. We move our tractors daily to fresh pasture. We use our goat herd to keep the pasture at good height for our chickens.
  3. Chicks Day 1 on Pasture
    Chicks Day 1 on Pasture
    Depending on weather conditions we try to move our chicks to the pasture ASAP; typically 1-2 weeks. Chicks are always curious on their first day.
  4. Broilers on Pasture
    Broilers on Pasture
    Our boilers grow fast and healthy on the pasture. These birds will be ready for processing soon.
  5. Chicken Tractor
    Chicken Tractor
    Here's out first chicken tractor model built in 2015. It looks great! Only issue, too heavy to move. Our newer models are built without the heavy coop on the back.
  6. Our Pasture
    Our Pasture
    Pasture management is key when raising good quality birds. We us our Oberhasli goat herd to help keep grass at a short height for our chickens & turkeys.
  7. Turkeys Day 1 on Pasutre
    Turkeys Day 1 on Pasutre
    First day for our bronze breasted turkeys on pasture. We plan to process our turkeys just before Thanksgiving.
  8. Kids with Dad
    Kids with Dad
    The kiddos helping dad feed the chickens (2016).
  9. Pigs on Pasture
    Pigs on Pasture
    We rotationally graze our pigs. We use a single strand of wire to separate each paddock.
  10. Giant Sunflowers
    Giant Sunflowers
    Along with our pumpkins we growth sunflowers. We harvest the seeds and provide them as a supplement feed to our goats during the winter months.
  11. Goats & Egg Layers
    Goats & Egg Layers
    In 2018 we have added a small flock of egg laying chickens. We graze our egg layers with out goats; the goats provide protection for our chickens.
  12. Foraging in the Forest
    Foraging in the Forest
    We have a couple of paddocks in our cedar forest. Our layers spend much of their time foraging in the under growth.
  13. Spring Kids
    Spring Kids
    In 2018 our baby goats where born in mid-April during a 3+ foot snow storm!